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Contact us at –

Akashmitra Mandal, Kalyan

Kalyan Mahila Mandal Sabhagruha

Near Subhash Maidan & Atre theatre

Kalyan – West – 421 301

(Every Sunday – 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm)

Phone – 9820316315


  1. Membership – Every Sunday, Akashmitra’s meet in their office at Kalyan and discuss about various astronomical topics, latest happenings, forthcoming programs etc. As an organization, we believe in active participation in regular meetings and programs as a basic criteria for becoming a member. But as a formality, we have a nominal membership fee as Rs. 100/ year only.
  2. Khagoliya Vartapatra (Astronomical bulletin) РIn order to create interest in students & laymen, bimonthly  astronomical bulletin is published at a very nominal charge of Rs. 30/ year. This bulletin has received a wide acceptance and has crossed more than 1000 subscriptions.
  3. Sky-watching Programs – For interested group of students / organization/ society members/ general public, we conduct a full night sky-watching program at beautiful Mamnoli Hindu-seva sangh (20 km from Kalyan). The program includes naked-eye observation with information sharing from experts, telescopic observation of planets/ nebulae/ other astronomical objects, astronomical slide show etc.

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