Online Astronomy Course

The Amateur Astronomy course (designed by Akashmitra Mandal, Kalyan & MKCL) has been made available online with free registration facility from 3rd Nov 2012. Following link can be used to register and view the course.

Website :

Registration Link :

Kindly ensure the following two things before opening the above link.

1.       Kindly use the browser as Internet Explorer only

2.       Kindly ensure that Flash Player is installed on your system.

Steps to Follow : (Click on the images for better resolution)

  1. Open the above link in browser
  2. Click on the Register buttonStep 1
  3. Select the category as Student
  4. Enter all the required information. (Details marked as * are compulsory)Step 2 Registration
  5. Once entire information has been entered, click on the Register button on the bottom of the page
  6. After clicking on register button, your username and password will be displayed.
  7. Now using this username and password, click on the link of ‘Click here to login’Step 3 Login
  8. Now use the username and password that you have created to login
  9. Select the course as Amateur Astronomy. (Click on a icon next to Blue strip of Amatuer Astronomy to view Akashmitra Mandal, Kalyan’s Logo)Step 4 Dashboard
  10. You are now ready to view the course contentStep 5 Step 6

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