Basic Astronomy Course

Basic Astronomy Course

In order to resolve various basic concepts in Astronomy, Akashmitra Mandal conducts Basic Astronomy Course. Various concepts of astronomy are explained using slideshows, models and lucid language to the participants. There is no age bar for the registration of this course. Some of the basic concepts explained in this course are

  • Celestial Sphere
  • Basic Coordinate systems in Astronomy
  • Solar System and the orbits of the planets
  • Rising, setting and visibility of the planets
  • Lunar and Solar eclipses
  • Various Calendar systems
  • Comet and meteors
  • Astronomy and Nuclear Physics
  • Stars and stellar evolution

MKCL Online Course

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Akashmitra Mandal is associated with MKCL in providing a FREE course in Astronomy.

Salient Features of this course are

  • Self-paced
  • High quality of Animation
  • Open to all ages – anyone can register
  • Explained in easy to understand language