Akashmitra Mandal [aa-Kash me-tra] 

आकाशमित्र मंडळ

Akashmitra (ākāśamitra) Mandal is an amateur astronomers’ Organization. Name of our organisation is in Marathi Langauge and this signifies, “Friends of Sky”. Our objective is to popularize astronomy. Also, motivate students and enthusiasts, so that they can make useful contributions in the field of astronomical research.  also aim to carry the systematic study of astronomy.

Akashmitra’s Logo

Our motto on the top and name placed below. The image shows an observer under the dome to the starry night sky. In his observations, the horizon is also important. So the sky, the horizon, the lone observer is keen to know more about astronomy.

ज्ञानम् सम्यगवेक्षणम्

Our mission is stated in the Sanskrit Language jñānam samyagavekṣaṇam signifies, Keen observations is the path to knowledge. In the field of astronomy, observations have prime importance. The more you observe, the more you can understand. The more you observe, the more you will analyze.

We are pursuing our interests since 1986.

How it started?

In 1986, Akashmitra Mandal was formed to set a stage for the 1st Amateur’s meet. This meet was held at Kalyan with scope of Maharashtra State level and was attended by some 125 delegates. Renowned astrophysicist Dr Jayant Narlikar, Dr Shashikant Chitre were amongst the dignitaries present to the meet.
We at Akashmitra Mandal, are on the path of popularizing astronomy and in our journey, our Directory of Amateure’s, our students are in the field of research at prestigious institutes is a proud achievement for us. (View Gallery)

Working Committee

  • Mone, Hemant President
  • Awalaskar, Abhijeet Vice President
  • Puranik, Abhay Secretary
  • Deshmukh, Shishir Treasurer

Our Inspirition – Late Gokhale, Prabhakar

Hall of Fame

  • Dr Kamble, Atish Member of Team captured 1st image of Black Hole
  • Dr Karandikar, Yogesh Scientist, Member of SKA radio telescope
  • Dr Kokje, Amit Senior Specialist (GeoSpatial Platform & Support) at Auckland Council
  • Deshmukh, Shishir India’s 1st SOHO comet Finder
  • Kate, Amol Science Communicator