Discovery of atmospheric pressure on the dwarf planet Pluto

Discovery of atmospheric pressure on the dwarf planet Pluto

Atmospheric Pressure Discovery of Pluto

Everyone has heard of the dwarf planet Pluto. Scientists have discovered the atmospheric pressure on the dwarf planet Pluto.

The atmospheric pressure on Pluto is 80,000 times less than that on the Earth. It was discovered by the team of ARIES scientists and international scientists. Former PRL Chairman and senior scientist Dr NM Ashok also played important role in this research.

Information about what exactly that discovery was, how it was done and the professional astronomers involved in it can be found at many places.

I congratulate them for their respectable work and a sense of respect for all of them arises in my mind. But now I am going to talk about 3 amateur astronomers who are involved in this research.

Atmospheric Pressure of Pluto Discovery
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The planet Pluto occulted a star in 2020. The observations were made through telescope in the ARIES. After studying the light curve and studying many aspects of the said occultation, these 3 amateur astronomers submitted the details to ARIES. And that work contributed a lot towards this research. These 3 amateur astronomers are Shishir Deshmukh, Ameya Deshpande and Ganesh Pawar of Akashmitra Mandal, Kalyan.

Today, these three have proved the importance and role of amateur astronomers in conducting such professional research. If we acknowledge and spread the word about such works, then the interest of everyone, especially young people like me, in astronomy will definitely increase. These three showed people today that not everyone needs to be a professional scientist to contribute to the field of astronomy. 3

I have as much respect for these three astronomers as I have for the professional astronomers, and seeing their achievements, many young people and all those interested in astronomy will make many such discoveries as professional astronomers in future, and even if not necessarily professionals, I hope they will work to provide important and useful information to the professional astronomers and work for contributing to the scientific community at large. This news is very inspiring for young amateur astronomers like me!
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