Basic Astronomy Course – 2022

Our “Basic Astronomy Course 2022” concluded yesterday. (05-Jun-2022) AM organized the course after a gap of 3 years.
This year in all 11 students registered. Range of participants was from Students studying in Std. 5th to elderly youngsters serving as IT professional, professor or bank emoloyee.
Total 5 weeks was the duration of the course starting from Saturday 7th May 2022. It was conducted every Saturday and Sunday. Total teaching sessions were 9 of 2hrs each. 10th session was the examination day.

Basic Astronomy Course

Students were provided a course kit. They were also given notes during teaching sessions.

There were 5 speakers who took part in teaching activity as per following details.
Shri.Mone sir 4 days, Shishir Deshmukh 2 days, Abhay Puranik 1 day, Vidyesh Kulkarni 1 day and Sunil Vidwans1 day.

Topics covered were Introduction to Observational Astronomy, Moon and its motion, Comets, Earth’s motion around sun and its significance, Rashis, Tithis, Sighting of planets, planetary motion (ex. Retrograde), Conjunction, opposition etc., a classroom exercise to draw orbit of mercury, Solar and Lunar eclipses, Reading and introduction to star maps, calendars, evolution of stars etc.

On the 10th day an examination with multiple choice questions. Certicates of participation in the course were given away. Parents did attend the function and also gave their feedbacks.

Apart from speakers others who helped to make “Basic Astronomy Course 2022” successful are Ganesh Pawar, Vallari Kurdukar, Mangesh Phatak, Rahul Phatak.

Thanks to All.🙏🏻

  • by Sunil Vidwans